Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If I Were a Star

Here's a little piece from me.

If I were a star, I'd shine brightly.
I'd twinkle and gleam in the night sky. The moon and I would converse as if we had just met, even tough we'd known each other since the beginning of Time. It was a game we'd like to play.
"What's your favorite color?" She would whisper softly to me, as if we were lying nose to nose.
"You are," would be my reply.
She would remain stone-faced, embarrassed; yet still, she would glow.
And I would twinkle with joy.
We would talk; we would whisper; we would laugh; we would scream. We would share out secrets as children would - the Moon and this singular Star.
"You know my secrets," she would breathe. And I would blush a brilliant white.

How Lonely We Both Would Be.

And one day, I would shine too brightly. And the Moon would have no one else to confide in any longer.
She would look at where I used to glint in the dark. A familiar face nowhere to be found.
And the Moon would weep.
"Who will know my secrets now?" She would sigh.

If I were a star, I'd probably not shine at all.


  1. Would you consider this a poem? Or prose? You should study poetry more, you have a talent here. But you can always improve yourself.

  2. Probably prose. I used to write poetry, but I feel I've lost my talent.

  3. I enjoyed reading this, really nice

  4. I like the cover of that book; it's awesome.

  5. the perspective is really awkward here. i must imagine its written as though the author is a child. i don't understand it otherwise

    i like reading what you write though, and i look forward to more. i hope i didn't offend